Be confident in Your Property Transaction. You can rely on me to give you an in depth report on the condition of the home so you can make an informed decision.

Home Inspection Services

Our program has been designed to assure you a thorough, easy-to-understand overview of the conditions of the home you are about to purchase. Buying a home is not something you do every day, and we provide the information you need for peace of mind. Our services are not complete until you feel comfortable in the inspection performed and understand any deficiencies or test results presented to you regarding the property. We will walk you through any questions or concerns you may have!

We assure the inspection of and report on over 400 items, we deliver a detailed report with pictures to you within 24 hours, we point out major and minor deficiencies to give you the complete picture of your new home’s condition, we identify any major expenditures coming up so you can budget these potential expenses, we identify any potential safety hazards present, we show you how various systems work, and we review and explain the conditions found. Continue reading below for more information regarding the various inspection services available and please call us to set up your appointment!

New Construction Inspections

New Construction

New construction inspections are performed at the completion of construction, but prior to your final walk-through with the builder’s customer service representative or superintendent. It is always a good idea to verify that utilities (gas, water, and electric) have been turned on, either by you or the builder depending on the builder’s policy. The inspection should be scheduled just a day or two before your final walk-through with the builder. This will ensure that most, if not all, last-minute items have been completed prior to your inspection. At the conclusion of the inspection, a completed report will be distributed to you.

Buyer & Seller Inspections


Listing inspections are great for homeowners who aren’t in tune with the conditions of their property. A large amount of sales are canceled due to the buyer’s shock at the condition of the home. The home may look great, yet experience serious technical, safety, or functional issues without anyone’s knowledge. Having the home inspected prior to placing it up for sale is the ideal way to identify and repair or disclose the issues found in the inspection reports. Disclosing items of concern up front and pricing the home based on these items will often times produce a higher net sales price for the owner.

Radon Testing


Radon is a cancer-causing natural radioactive gas that you can’t see, smell, or taste. Its presence in your home can pose a danger to your family’s health. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers and the second leading cause of lung cancer in America. The U.S. Surgeon General and EPA recommend that all homes be tested for the presence of radon. Bob Moore Home Inspection, LLC is a qualified radon-testing company, having completed the Radon Measurement Operator Proficiency course. We use the latest Continuous Radon Monitoring equipment (CRM) to ensure you get the most accurate reading possible. Radon tests take about 48 hours. The results of your test will be emailed in an easy to read report with a line chart, as well as high, low and average readings.

Mold Inspections


Commercial and residential mold inspection services are available with Bob Moore Home Inspection, LLC. During a mold inspection, the presence of mold on surfaces is tested and analyzed. Although we are exposed to mold daily with little side-effects, certain molds can present health problems and be highly-toxic. Small children and the elderly are the most susceptible to the ill-effects of mold. The five most common toxic molds are; Penicillium, Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Stachybotrys, and Chaetomium. We do not offer mold remediation services, but rather unbiased inspection reports regarding the condition of your property related to potentially harmful molds.

Our mold testing requires a 48-72 hour turnaround time, allowing us to accurately determine the kind of mold within your residence and the appropriate actions to take. Please contact us today to schedule your mold inspection!

Commercial Inspections

Commercial Building

As your commercial inspectors, we will provide detailed inspection reports covering all bases of your property. HVAC systems, electrical, roofing, structure, and everything in between will be inspected for proper, up-to-date functionality. Our goal is to provide you with information and knowledge on the commercial property in question, allowing you to make more informed decisions regarding said property.

Termite Inspections


Termites and other pests such as carpenter ants, powder post beetles, and carpenter bees are all classified as wood-destroying insects. These insects can cause great damage to the very foundation of your home. Out of these pests, termites can be the hardest to find and identify. On average, you are 12 times more likely to experience a termite attack as opposed to a fire, flood, or other natural disasters. It is estimated that 140,000 homes (1 in 65) suffer termite damage each year, resulting in over $1 billion in damages overall! Termites live within the soil and only enter your property when they are feeding. Termites dislike being exposed to the light and dry air, which is why they remain hidden underground. Soil near the foundation of your home can be conducive to termite infestation. Most of the time, this infestation goes unknown until severe structural damage has occurred

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